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The obtention of amino acids and peptides, as the central core of a highly specialized nutrition, has been the objective and mission that has guided our scientists and technicians since the foundation of PROALAN in 1974. The result of the dedication and effort of our team has been the development of a wide range of protein hydrolysates known with the brand NORLAN. 

Headquartered in Granollers, 30 Km. from Barcelona, PROALAN has already extended its borders to reach NORLAN to most countries, 45 years of experience exporting to Europe, America, Asia and Africa guarantee us. The concern for a caring bio nutrition has motivated the work of the human team of PROALAN to find the best nutritional solutions useful for all the components of our environment.

The desire to improve the quality of life has guided the research and development of products destined to the care of the human, the animals and the vegetables.


Hydrolysis technology has been developed and tested by our team of scientists covering the widest spectrum of possibilities by means of thermal, enzymatic, acid and alkaline processes, applying, in each case, either by the protein or by the application, the most considered suitable treatment, covering in this way – in terms of knowledge and technical capacity to hydrolyze them – the widest range of natural proteins available in the market.

  • Acid and enzymatic hydrolysis:

The selection of the type of hydrolysis, acid or enzymatic, currently the most used in our facilities, is mainly based on the organoleptic characteristics and the quantity of free amino acids and peptides desired in the final hydrolysate. The use of these two types of hydrolysis guarantees the maintenance of the characteristic “L” of the obtained free amino acids. Such amino acids come from the rupture of peptide bonds that hold them joined in the initial protein and therefore are biologically active. This is a scientifically proven fact that can be found in numerous bibliographic references.

  • Hydrolysis of proteins of animal and vegetal origin:

The selection of the type of protein, animal or vegetal, used as raw material, is mainly based on the use of the final hydrolysate and therefore in the highest efficiency according to the living organism that receives it and that the customer desires.

This great technological flexibility together with the knowledge of the needs of each market, leads us to be able to offer two product lines:

  1. Standard products: Protein hydrolysates manufactured regularly in our facilities with predefined specifications.
  2. Tailor-made products : Protein hydrolysates manufactured according to characteristics agreed with customers, such as the protein origin, protein richness, aminogram, quantity of free amino acids and peptides, etc.



PROALAN complies with all applicable processes for improving the protection of human health and the environment within the framework established by Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH) regulating the manufacture, marketing and use of chemical substances and mixtures.


PROALAN owns the certification of products suitable to be applied as biostimulants in organic agriculture in accordance with Regulation (EC) nº 848/2018 and Regulation (CE) nº 1165/2021. Controlled by ECOCERT F-32600.